L2 Cleanroom, Class 10k

E6NanoFab Class 10k cleanroom supports photolithography processing, wet processing and high density semiconductor fabrication.


Email: elemh@nus.edu.sg
Tel:6601 7042

Model: Karl Suss MA6

  • UV400 Exposure Optics, wavelength: 365nm and 405nm
  • Substrate Size: irregular to standard 2” dia wafer
  • Mask Size: Typical 3” square
  • Wafer Thickness: < 4 mm

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-3000 (Non-Active)

As the density of semiconductor becomes higher and its pattern becomes finer, Rapid  Thermal Annealing (RTA) is attracting attention as an important heating technique in the semiconductor fabrication process.

The class 10000 cleanroom will make available two (2) units of rapid thermal annealer to support the high density semiconductor fabrication processing.

The MILA-3000 has integrated excellent characteristics, such as capabilities of rapid heating/cooling of the infrared gold image furnace, high precision temperature control, clean heating and versatile atmosphere selection, in a compact unit and features moderate price, small size and high performance.

Max Size: Less than (20 x 20) mm.

To be advised.

Wet Bench (Solvent)

Di Water

Baking Oven

wafer oven baking

Spin Coater